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Secret Tips to making the Best Cauliflower Pizza Ever!

If you crave pizza but it's on your naughty list - you'll absolutely love this alternative!

Look no further if you love pizza but stopped eating it because of the carbs in the crust.

And if you've been looking for the best cauliflower pizza - this recipe is superb! 

In fact it crisps up so well (if you follow my instructions and tweaks) that you can hardly tell you're not eating a real pizza.

I've come to like this better than regular doughy crusts, and it eliminates all the guilt and the inevitable belly bloat that follows.

Imagine having pizza on Friday night with zero guilt - in fact instead you've had lots of fresh vegetables instead 🙂

I've made this many times and have finally perfected the steps so that it always turns out crispy and delicious.

It can seem like a bit of work the first couple of times, so here are all my tips & little tricks so you  don't have to waste time figuring out like I did 🙂

Follow these step by step instructions to get it right the first time - then check out my list of tips below the recipe 🙂

cauliflower pizza recipe

8 Great Tips:

  1. The most crucial step to getting a crispy crust is removing as much moisture from the cauliflower as possible. After you microwave it and wrap it in cheesecloth (I've also used paper towel) be sure to press as much water from it as possibly can. I use a small plate and press the cheesecloth bundle against the inside of the sink to squeeze the most water possible out. 
  2.  Parchment paper on your pizza pan helps the "crisp" and the clean up!
  3.  When you're spreading your mixture on the pizza pan I find a spatula   works best - be sure to get it even and quite thin.
  4. I use a brush to LIGHTLY spread a thin coat of the olive oil over the mixture.
  5. Pre - Baking the crust without the toppings first is also a crucial step to a crispy crust. I find 20 to 25 minutes is perfect. Because all of our ovens work a bit differently - watch it closely the last 5 minutes. You want to see the olive oil bubbly and turning a nice golden brown. If you're impatient 🙂 you can put it under the broiler but watch it carefully.
  6. The dryer the toppings you choose - the crispier the crust stays.
  7. Try to time things so you're cutting and serving it immediately after you've baked your toppings on.
  8. Leftovers are best if you pop them in a toaster oven or under the broiler for a few minutes.

Cheers to a yummy Healthy meal everyone will enjoy!

I recommend not telling the family the crust is made from cauliflower - especially the first time you serve it!

Just tell them you're having pizza and see how it goes over - when they're all done, let them in on your secret...lol.

If you like this cauliflower pizza recipe, have other tips or want to share your results - please comment below, I'd love to hear your stories!

Enjoy my friend - cheers to your health!  Liz

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