How to Legally Spy on your Competitions FB Ads

Legally Spy on Facebook Ads

So why would you want to spy on your competitor's Facebook Ads? 

You can learn a lot by looking at what they are doing with their FB Ad headlines, images, videos and content. 

You can learn from others in your industry and create a better Facebook Ad and hopefully get better results.  

It used to be easy to spy on other's FB Ads 

At one point you had to use 3rd party tools to do this. 

Then on June 28, 2018 Facebook came out with the "Info and Ads" Tab for Facebook business pages. This feature was very nice and easy to use. 

All you had to do was go to any Facebook page and click on that tab and it would show you every single Ad that page was currently running. 

The New Way..

The Facebook Ads Library. This tool was designed originally for transparency for political advertisements...etc. 

But it works really well to see what Ads anybody is running on their Facebook page. Or even if they are running any Ads at all. 

Facebook Ads Library

Simply type in the search bar the name of the Facebook page you are looking for. 

Have Fun!!

There you have it! A very simple and straight-forward method of looking to see what anybody is doing with their Facebook Ads. 

You might also want to check out this video that I recorded on How to Create and Verify a Facebook Page and get more reach out of your page. 

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