How to End Network Marketing Burnout and Finally Have the Success You Deserve

Have you worked your tail off but your business still isn't growing like you'd hoped?

I totally get that!

Have you found yourself online searching topics like;

How to Grow your Network Marketing Business? 

Or ways to “get more leads” for your business?

I know I was!

We still want to be FREE of financial worry, fire our bosses and to eventually retire.

That's why most of us get started in the first place.

Network Marketing is a great way to generate another stream of passive income but it can also be a very frustrating and full of rejection. 

Unfortunately, the emotional “roller coaster ride” has people quitting before they even get started!

Things were going really well for me at first, people were joining as customers, even as distributors and the commissions started rolling in.

There was a lot of excitement and positive vibes. Your whole team feeds off of that and more good things start happening for them too.

That’s when Network Marketing is really fun isn't it?

And you feel like it’s actually working or you!

But just as quickly it can all go wrong.

One of your key team players has a death in the family or leaves on a months vacation or even worse moves to another state/province or country…and everything just stalls and eventually stops completely! 

Then the whole team feeds off that too!

That’s why I’ve always called it a roller coaster ride.

Like when the “J” months arrive, or someone jumps ship to join another Network Marketing Company. 

It means rebuilding…and I did it from scratch more times than I care to admit. 

It happened to me over and over in the past 8 years…for lots of different reasons.

Momentum just always evaded me, and the end result was a complete and absolute BURNOUT!

It got to the point that I couldn't

  •  make myself do one more cold call
  •  pull together one more distributor meeting
  •  keep spending thousands of dollars quarterly (I wasn’t making) on the big event trips out of the country
  •  drive hours to “one on one” coffee meetings just to be stood up
  •  stop feeling responsible for other people’s business failings
  •  or listen to all the “stupid” excuses over and over again!
  • See one more person join someone else's  NWM company or quit completely
  • See one more monthly auto-ship cancelled

But quitting has never been an option; that would mean giving up on my dreams.

I just knew there absolutely had to be a better way to grow my Network Marketing Business.

Especially when I started seeing people rank advancing like crazy in my own NWM business. 

People I’d never even heard of getting to Pro7 in less than year – it was unheard of, so I knew they had to have a secret!

Eventually I figured it out - and that's what I want to share with you!

This information and free training changed everything for me and sent me down a very different path.

I'd been looking to develop a new set of skills to propel my business to a new level and I found it. It opened countless doors of opportunity and I never looked back.

So let's back up a minute and see if you can relate to any of this...

I’ve been involved in 2 Network Marketing Companies and had some success in both, but never got the results I really wanted.

I built teams that eventually fell apart.

I forged forward, rebuilt again, and things improved.

Then more people quit…or just disappeared altogether.

Some of the so called "go getters" never even started.

The ultimate plan of duplication completely eluded me!

But that didn't stop me - I continued to go to the quarterly events and ignored all the naysayers.

Family and friends kindly suggested I get a real job instead.

I ignored them all and kept at it.

I was determined to find a way to make it work.

I rebuilt again.

Then Life threw me another curve ball and I moved back to Canada when my Dad passed away.

Most everything I’d done with my business in the United States just fell away...

On and on - and on - the pattern went!

Here’s what most people in the Industry (a mere 100%) experience while growing their Network Marketing Business;

Ridicule and rejection from friends and family

FEAR, fear and more fear…

Loss of respect and admiration from peers

Feeling like a slimy salesperson

​Excitement followed by lots of disappointment

More fear…of picking up the phone

Blamed for letting your team down- upline & downline

Fear of presenting and speaking in front of groups

Fear of leadership

​That’s why something like 96% quit.

Which makes it even tougher for those that keep working at building their teams and struggle to keep it all pulled together. 

On a more positive note however; 

If you hang tough for a while you will experience immense personal growth.

You'll make a ton of really great lifelong friends, some residual income (which has saved my butt a few times) and you'll have lots of fun traveling to all the social events! 

So I decided to check out what some of the leaders (that were making it big-fast) were doing differently.

I wanted to know what they were up to…

And it got me wondering…maybe I need to think bigger!

 So…I followed my gut.

I opted in with my email address and spent $27. I was promised me a ton of excellent, game changing information in exchange.

WOW! It turned out to be the best decision I’d made in a long time.

Here’s why:

  • It's real.
  • It’s NOT just for Network Marketers!
  • There is a huge community of people just like us making tons of money online.
  • It led me to the “Attraction Marketing Formula” ebook which was a huge eye opener.
  • It’s a 90% automated system – so you aren’t building it from scratch.
  • They have dedicated coaches that call YOU when they say they will and offer tons of great help and advice.
  • Their website hub is easy to navigate and full of step by step training.
  • They write amazing blogs you can copy and share to attract people to your business.
  • They're teaching skills that are, and will continue to be in very high demand as this trend emerges & continues to grow.

In Fact:

It opened up so many doors to create Multiple Streams of income that I felt like I’d been living under a rock for years!

One AHA! moment after another!

So if you're not a quitter, but you're super frustrated with how your business is's a better way.

Be Forever Free ~ Especially from that 9 to 5 grind!

So grab this FREE training and Learn How to grow your Network Marketing Business in the 21st century.

Cheers to Your Success- Liz

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