How to Blend Old School Network Marketing with Online Strategies for Superior Results

Should you stick with the "old school" methods you've been taught, or get out there on Social Media and work your business online?

There are lots of good arguments for both sides.

But what if it’s not either/or?

What if you could do both, and get even better results to boot?​

Read on and I’ll show you how blending the two is more effective than sticking     with just one side or the other.

Let's start with some old-school, traditional, belly-to-belly ways to market.

See if you recognize any of these? 

  • Create a list of 100
  • Talk to all your family & friends
  • Fake it until you make it
  • Go for “No"
  • “No” doesn’t mean “no forever”
  • The fortune is in the follow-up
  • It’s not selling, it’s sharing
  • Share with everybody within a three foot radius
  • If they can fog a mirror, this would be a great opportunity for them
  • Give home presentations consistently
  • Hit people up in the malls
  • Always talk to your server in a restaurant

What’s funny is that there are a lot of similarities here to how you should build     your business online.

It's just way less stressful!

Let's take a look at that Three Foot Rule first;

No matter the social media platform, if someone connects with you, you should   reach out and start networking.

For instance, on Facebook you should send a personal message to anyone who…

* Sends you a friend request

* Likes or shares one of your posts

* Comments on a post or an ad

Ask them about their business and goals, and see if you can determine what they’re struggling with.

Now Let's look at that List of 100 people;

Elite Marketing Pro, recommends using Social Media platforms to connect with people who are already invested in the network marketing industry.

Why will that work?

First off, they aren’t skeptical your business is a “pyramid scheme” or “scam.”

Secondly, you can make lists of targeted “interest groups” highly likely to respond to your offer— for instance, the followers of a big name guru like Tony Robbins or Robert Kiosaki.

The idea here is, instead of making a list of 100 people you know, who very likely aren’t interested in started a business, you’re now actually talking to people who’ve been bitten by the “entrepreneurial bug.”

No more dealing with unresponsive friends and family members.

No more getting rejected by strangers you come across in the course of your day, or chatting people up at the mall with an ulterior motive to prospect them into your business.

Frankly it's exhausting and feels very ingenuine!

Talking to people who are already interested is more than half the battle, so your closing ratio will soar.

At the end of the day, though, traditional and online methods are similar, because much of the time you’re still going to hear “no.”

But, it’s also true that “no” can simply mean it’s not the right time.

Hence the timeline advice…The fortune is in the follow-up.

If you're already feeling excited, I get it!​

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Here's How Follow-Up Works Online;

There are many forms follow-up can take online, and many of them are completely automated!

You can follow-up via email.

You can follow-up by providing content on your blog.

Follow-up can mean broadcasting a Facebook Live.

It’s a brave new world with today’s technology. You’re not limited to the phone...thank goodness! Social media is a highly-leveraged and largely automated follow-up channel.

You can also text message or host a webinar. You have SO many more options than those dreaded phone calls.

But what’s important to remember is that you’re still talking to people.

Traditional and online networking overlap each other in that you’re going to have to talk to people with either method.

Let me say that again…

You’re going to have to connect with people!

Because if you’re not…Reaching out and talking to your leads, connecting with your audience, getting out there and making connections, and eventually automating everything possible…you’re not building a real business.

Whether you’re doing the traditional method of building your business or you’re building online, it’s still work.

Especially in your first year—you can’t avoid it, you can’t get around it, you can’t wish it away, you can’t hope there’s an easy button…

Your first year you’re online is the most critical in your business…

and here’s the best way to get started!

This is your year of building trust.

It tends to take a year of being online, a year of consistently being seen by your audience, a year of providing value, education, and training—for people to trust you.

So you have to stay focused, as with any method of building a business.

Now You’re becoming the go-to authority they’re seeking;

If you show up, you’ll become the trusted recommender.

So, it’s time to ask yourself…Are you committed to staying the path?

Are you committed to following through?

If you are, then don’t try to avoid the work.

Learn how to build those relationships!

And learn how to follow-up with people using the tools available today.

Find out what’s going on in your prospects’ world and match your product to their need.

There’s always a problem—become the solution provider! There are problems galore out there!

So become the master at solving problems and you’ll always be the go-to person—you’ll always be the person they want to join.​

Blend online and offline to your utmost advantage!

You can…

Follow up easier though the Internet than you ever could before.

Easily connect with over 100 people every single day using the Internet.

Show people your presentation, without having to invite them to a hotel or home meeting.​

And you can do it all online.

Sure, there are some technical skills you need to learn, and you’re going to get frustrated at first—  that’s the experience we all have.

But you need to realize that if you’re reading this article today, you are among a very small percentage of people that actually understands how to build a network marketing business online.​

You are a minority in this industry - use it to your advantage!

Give yourself twelve months.

Commit to the process and make sure you’re taking action consistently.

It’s your opportunity right now to “embrace the blend” and be one of the pioneers in the network marketing space who are successfully building their businesses online and doing what it takes to move forward.​

You have the opportunity—right now—to be a part of the transformation of the network marketing industry

After all, we know that’s where the industry is going.  

There’s no way around it.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize it.

But one thing will always remain the same: network marketing is one of the most powerful ways a person in a nine-to-five job can step out and start learning what it’s like to build their own business.

So be a pioneer.

Get out there and connect with people, make some mistakes, and have some fun!

Ready to blaze your trail?

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These methods allow you to build your business automatically—where prospects reach out to you!

How awesome would that be...

Them coming to you instead of you hunting them down 🙂

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Cheers to your Success - Liz

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