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Ditch those Resolutions ~ Here’s a Better Solution

It's that time of year again ~ when we realize or New Year's resolutions are quickly fading or already forgotten!

Personally I've Come to Dislike New Year's Resolutions

?Don't get me wrong...

There's nothing like a New Year to give you that fresh start feeling, but I think we put too much on our plate all at once and end up deflated and disappointed in ourselves right out of the gate.

It's right about now when you think...geez another year of broken resolutions and letting myself down! Hence the February Blues 🙁

Yes, I know the weather plays a part in that but not being able to stick to our list of new goals and projections for the year ahead, can do it too!

So maybe there's another solution, or another way to look at things.

Are you just writing down the same new year's resolutions year after year without really feeling inspired to meet those goals? Is it stuff you didn't accomplish last year so you just pushed them on to this years list hoping you can finally get the shit done in 2020?

Maybe there's another reason we give up on our New Year's resolution list by the end of January?

And it may not have anything to do with our abilities to meet a goal or our will power? Did you know that in order to feel motivated to meet a goal you need to feel inspired emotionally?

I mean you really need to feel it deep down...in your heart of hearts.

What do you think 2020 might be like if you simply spent some      time being kind to yourself.

What if losing those 10lbs and getting that promotion at work isn't what your soul really needs. 

Then 2021 comes along and you're right back where you are now?

What if this year you dig a little deeper...and let that quote at the top of the page inspire you to feel your goal, instead of just writing down the usual crap.

?You might be surprised at how much you can actually accomplish if you give yourself a break ~ focus on what makes you happy ~ instead of what you think "you should be doing". 

Or worse...what you imagine others expect of you.

Most people want to be the best version of themselves and improve their circumstances, sure!

?I know I do 🙂

But who says that means "the best version of you" is 10 lbs thinner, striving for that corner office or staying hell bent on working 10 more years before you can retire?

Maybe it means you're ok with those few extra pounds, you actually like how you look and you know you eat well enough to be healthy. 

Maybe that's the real you? 

Without all the pressure of society telling you you're not beautiful or desirable if you're not 120 lbs or less!

Maybe it means having your own online business at home instead of that          nine to five grind that has you drowning in stress and frustration everyday?


Maybe you want to learn to do a little yoga or go dancing with a friend instead of all that fad dieting?

I say it's time we rethink things as we start this new decade!

Tear up that list you wrote in January, be kind to yourself and listen to your heart.

Maybe...just maybe, you're missing something.

Think about what would really make you happy. Imagine how accomplishing that would make you feel. It should get you excited and lift your spirits!

I tried a couple of years ago to just stop with "the usual" on my list and really give it some thought. And wow...what I came up with actually surprised me!

And guess what!? That excited feeling stayed with me all year long and I accomplished most of what I set out to do. This website was born and I published a memoir I was terrified to put out there. 

But when I felt stuck...I remembered how the goal made me feel deep down and it inspired me to continue on my path.

So get out of that box you've been trapped in, and really decide to do something different this year, something that makes you happy, because you're worth it!

Who cares if it's already February! Just do it 🙂

Cheers to ditching those silly Resolutions & spending time on what really matters ~ You!


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Liz Porter

I'm Liz, the self-empowered, red wine & coffee lovin', personal growth fanatic behind this website. I've stopped shrinking into places I've outgrown and launched this site in pursuit of my passions. I'm a fan of straight talk and practical solutions - that's why I'm here to Inspire - Educate and Entertain you on your journey to becoming the best version of YOU!

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