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Blogging from Home; My Story from There to Here

A Lifestyle Blogger & Freelance Writer...really??

It's not something I would ever have guessed I'd be doing at this stage in my life; but here I am!?

My story bores me, I'd much rather hear yours, but here's just enough info so you can relate to me as another human being 🙂

One who's been struggling through life's many challenges and amazing opportunities, just like you.

Part of a course I'm currently working on by Problogger.com, (which I highly recommend by the way if you've ever contemplated blogging) suggests that we write and share our story.

Apparently it helps our readers get a better sense of who we are, and what we're all about. 

And just FYI - They don't yet have an affiliate program by the way, and I don't get a kickback for referring you. The content is just genuinely solid and very inexpensive, so I like to share that.

So here I go with my story!

I've already written a lot of the basics on my websites "Who's Liz Page" so that's a good place to go next if you want to know more.

Working hard has always been something that's come naturally to me. My personality is very task oriented, and I don't give up on anything easily.

That's mostly a good thing, especially when it comes to tedious tasks or work, but there's also a down side. That same characteristic seemed to have kept me in more than one destructive relationship long after I should have moved on.

I spent most of my career (30+ years) in Corporate America fighting my way up the rungs of the proverbial ladder.

That's normal, nothing new and mostly expected from people with goals and ambition. But when you don't really understand what's at the top of that ladder, you can lose sight of what you're fighting for. 

And for me, I came to find out that all the stress I endured during my climb, weren't even close to being worth it!

Spending so much time with my eye on the ball, had me losing sight of other important things in my life; including being true to myself.

When the economy crashed in 2008 I lost that big fancy job, along with my perceived "identity." It left me with a heavy heart.

Feeling lost, I scrambled for months to figure out what on earth I'd do next.

There I was; 48 years old and completely burnt out on the "hamster wheel" lifestyle. I wanted to make some changes, but I had no idea what my options were other than getting back into that rat race.

My entrepreneurial spirit was strong, but I didn't think that was enough to get me started on something new.

Especially so late in life.

I know a lot of you can relate...

It's a scary place to be when you have huge family commitments and plenty of financial responsibility. 

After a couple of grueling months spent job hunting and soul searching, I found my answer; Network Marketing.

Making this huge change stunned my peers, and I was ridiculed like crazy when I told people what my plans were.

But I carefully weighed all my options, and although it scared the crap out of me, I decided I was going all in 🙂

My main reasons being;

  • It was a way to own my own business with low

Liz Porter

I'm Liz, the self-empowered, red wine & coffee lovin', personal growth fanatic behind this website. I've stopped shrinking into places I've outgrown and launched this site in pursuit of my passions. I'm a fan of straight talk and practical solutions - that's why I'm here to Inspire - Educate and Entertain you on your journey to becoming the best version of YOU!

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