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Why Your Network Marketing Business is Vulnerable if You DO NOT Build Online

Let me put it bluntly you could lose your Network Marketing income overnight.If—that is—you’re NOT building your business online. And despite what many industry ‘dinosaurs’ would have you believe, you shouldn’t put all your “eggs in one basket.” We’ll talk more about what this means in a moment. First, if you’re reading this today, you probably know that […]

5 Super Simple Steps to Get Your Office Space Organized Quickly

get your work space organized

A tidy workspace can reduce overwhelm,inspire you and actually increase productivity. Here’s a little inspiration and a few simple steps to get the job done quickly!Be honest…You’ve been meaning to get your office space cleaned up and organized for a while now, but it’s just so darn overwhelming that it doesn’t get done. You really don’t want […]

Should You Use Your Personal Profile or a “Fan” Page to Build Your Business on Facebook?

green road sign - personal profile or business fan page on Facebook

If you’re building your business on Facebook, one of the first questions you need to answer is this…Will you use your Personal Profile or create a “Fan” Page to promote your products and services? In this post I’ll share the pros and cons of each approach. It’s important to point out that you can have success utilizing […]