7 Powerful Traits of Ultra-Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Copy

Have you ever been nervous about what other people think of your Network Marketing Business?

Be honest…

Especially if you’re building online, you might have some fears about what your upline and downline, or your friends and family, might think when they start seeing your content and Facebook Lives in their News Feed.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely had these fears myself, but I realized that sometimes…

You need to use your Fear as Fuel to move forward!

Because that fear can keep you stuck.

And what happens when you don’t move forward? 

That’s what I asked myself when I got started a couple of years ago. 

I needed to get super clear on what successful people actually DO, day-in and day-out, to move their businesses forward.

So I looked around and jotted down these traits I saw in my mentors (a few of whom are the founders of Elite Marketing Pro) and I came up with this list of 7 powerful habits that successful entrepreneurs follow.

Because even though I’ve had some success,I can still have moments when I feel like I’m kicking a wall.

We all do from time to time.

And when I have those moments,

I remember these traits, starting with…

Most successful business owners are conscious of their most valuable resources—Time and Money. 

And if you are trading your time for money, that equals restriction.

For instance, when I was in Corporate America, I was on the hamster wheel.

Anyone who’s been in Corporate America knows exactly what I’m talking about. 

You’re exchanging dollars for hours; you’re not building up investments.

Well, you might be with your 401K, but honestly, when are you going to touch that—30 years down the road?

You must respect your most valuable resources!

Lot’s of other people I know got tired of that rat race too & thought the best way out was to own a franchise, and be a business owner because they thought it was their ticket to freedom.

Well for most… it turns out to be the complete opposite.

Most traditional business owners are stressed to the max, and they’re ties to that business 24-7.

After all, most businesses tank in their first year.

That so called Freedom turns into working morning, noon, and night – and that’s just no way to live.

Next, you need to adopt an Investor Mentality.

Ever since we were young, when we were given $10 from our parents or an aunt/uncle, they would say…

"What are you going to buy with that $10?”

And you know what they DON’T ever ask?

“How are you going to invest that $10?”

So from a very young age, we learn to have a consumer mentality.

Awareness comes before change;

Think about Elon Musk…

What did he do?

Well, he took $100 million and he invested in Solar X.

He took $70 million and invested it in Tesla.

The rest he invested elsewhere.

Musk invested everything and literally borrowed money to pay his own rent.

People looked at him like he was crazy, but he saw the vision of where each of those ventures were going.

So let’s get out of the consumer mentality and…

I will say this over and over again:

Surround yourself with successful people!

If you are not where you want to be, you must latch onto those who are already where you want to go.

Stop taking advice from people that you would not switch places with!

Oftentimes, people want to give us advice, because they think that they know better than us, or they want to protect us.

But here’s the thing…

If you’re not willing to trade places with that person, do not take advice from them.

Find people who will take you from “point A,” to “point B,” to “point C.”

Like when I stumbled upon the EMP community, and found a whole group incredible trainers and mentors to show me the way.

They can’t do it for us; no one can build it for us.

But...Success leads to more success.

We need to take our new found knowledge and then we must apply it.

I’m always learning, and I certainly don’t pretend to know everything.  

So when I started building my business online, I started by learning Facebook ads.

Now eventually, you get to a point where you can outsource this stuff, but I thought…“I want to understand how to do Facebook ads. I want to understand how to create a landing page. Etc.

I really wanted to understand all this stuff!

And hey, it’s okay to learn, and to plug into resources, and to watch webinars, and trainings, and podcasts—all of that is great.


You really want to find a mentor…

That’s going to be the most impactful way to accelerate your business growth.

Find the person who is where you want to be, and get their road map, because you’re going to get there faster with directions.

In the meantime, always be learning something.

But then...the key is to take ACTION on what you've learned.

This is so important. I can’t even tell you all the mistakes I made and all the time I wasted…I was on so many mailing lists, and I was registered for so many different webinars…

It got really overwhelming.

And when we are confused, or overwhelmed, we don’t actually do anything.

We’re jumping in one “rabbit hole” after another and then we get "Paralysis by Analysis!"

So I highly recommend getting focused on where you want to go, and focused on how to get there. Draw out a road map for yourself and do it, if you can, with a mentor (because it’s much quicker that way).


Building a community (or a tribe) is instrumental to the success of any business.

Now, last year, when I started my fan page, I had zero followers.


Just like everyone else.

So I invited 100 people to like my page, because you must have 100 likes to start boosting your content. Now, ask yourself…

What happens when people know, like, and trust you?  
​Hint: they buy from you 🙂

So my original mentality was SELL, SELL, SELL, but I learned quickly from my mentors that that was all wrong – thank goodness because I hated it!

Instead, it was to manifest my vision of a community where I can offer tips, and trainings, and help other entrepreneurs.

Whether they wanted to learn about making money from home, building their Network Marketing businesses online, getting Healthier, or even improving their relationships.

Whatever it was...the point is that when you START building your community, there's nobody there.

You have to build it.

We all know that line from the movie, “Field of Dreams”:

“If you build it, they will come.”

Well, believe me…it can be super painful when you start and nobody’s there.

But vision, focus, and consistency will get people liking your fan page.

Now people say to me...how do I do that?

Well, it isn’t magic.

You’ve got to treat it like the most important thing—because it is!

You have to show up and deliver solid content, and it has be done consistently.

In order to build a community that knows, likes, and trusts you, you’ve got to give value, value, and more value first, and then you can sell.

You’re not supposed to be selling all the time.

You’re LEADING them in the direction you want them to go.

Now, let’s talk about turning your marketing into a revenue stream for a moment.

One of the best ways you can do that is by engaging your audience with intentional content—period.

So you want to set up a content plan and promote it with the end result in mind.

Here are a few tips to get started:

First, you must understand who your target market is. It’s also referred to as your audience, or your Avatar – put simply it’s who you’re providing your content for and it needs to be pretty specific.

Second – whether you’re posting to your personal page or your fan page, you’re not creating content for you, you’re creating it for your AUDIENCE.

And third –  in your content you want to agitate their problems, and then provide solutions for them.

The next step is understanding where exactly you want to lead your audience.

That will depend greatly on what you want to promote.

It may be an existing business website you have, or jewelry that you make. Maybe your thing is travel, and your content is all about amazing destinations & travel tips.

So your end goal might be to lead your audience back to your Network Marketing site. 

If you are already a part of the Elite Marketing Pro community – you can lead to this free 10-day online recruiting boot camp (you can even repurpose Elite Marketing Pro’s existing blogs – so nice!)

If you’re an Amazon Associate writing reviews (here's some more info on affiliate marketing) then your end goal with your content would be leading your audience to Amazon to purchase the product you’re writing about.

A great way to be super consistent with promoting your content is by scheduling it on Social Media sites in advance.

It’s simple to do, you just put the time and the date you want the content to publish and boom, it automatically posts to your page on the specified date & time. That way you can gear it to the best times for your audience to see it rather than it revolve around your schedule.

Here’s another Biggie – Always make sure you include

“A call to Action”

The call to action should be a step towards whatever you’re looking to eventually promote and sell.

Once your content is out there – Make sure that you’re present, attentive, answering questions, asking for engagement, asking for opinions etc..

This makes a BIG difference in your results.


Don’t make excuses—evolve.

Stop shrinking into places you’ve outgrown.

There’s a quote in …The Art of The Deal

"If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big."

So get clear… hone in on your vision.

Focus…in fact Laser focus.  

Procrastination kills Productivity… I know because I’ve been there.

Making excuses, finger pointing, confusion, all of it gets you nowhere.

We live in a world of clutter…here's a blog on how to declutter your workspace. 

5 Super Simple Steps to Get Your Office Space Organized Quickly 🙂

Start cleaning out your inboxes.

You need to get down and dirty and realistic with what you want to create for yourself and your future.

Think about these 7 traits and when times get tough, remember that every successful entrepreneur has been there.

Be a forward thinker and screw what anybody else thinks!

Friends and family will have their own agenda for you.  

They'll have advice for you, but take all that with a grain of salt.

Especially if you wouldn't trade places with them.

And keep your focus solely on the people you’re meant to serve and the impact you want to create.

If you can do that, I promise you…

Success will follow!

If you're feeling motivated - here's some more great information! 

Cheers to your Success- Liz

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