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5 Valid Ways to make Passive Income from Home so You can Actually Retire

Discover How To Create multiple streams of income from home, so you can quit that 9 to 5 grind, reduce your stress, and actually retire.

Have you noticed?

How many people these days just seem to have resigned themselves to the notion that they have to work until they DIE...


They're only alternative is to give up the lifestyle they've worked so diligently towards for all these years.

"Looks like I'll have to be a WalMart Greeter and wear a blue vest to keep some cash coming in."

"We'll have to sell our home for the equity."

Have you heard that one?

How sad is that?

Have you worked hard for a lot of years to find yourself here?
It sucks and I can totally relate! ?

Maybe you've also noticed that in our crazy world today we all seem to be on our own. It's become crucial to find ways to become financially self sufficient.

Employment and making money is certainly a high priority for most of us.

But times have changed radically, and surviving financially means adapting to those changes or find yourself struggling.

It has become almost imperative, unless you're one of the lucky few that ended up with a nice fat pension, that you create multiple streams of passive income.

Especially if your ultimate plan is to retire from a job.

If you've come to the same conclusions, you're in the right place, because you certainly have also thought...

How the heck can I do that??

  • From home  - because you're sick of commuting, you really need less stress in your life, and it's always something you thought would be the ultimate dream.
  • Within a reasonable amount of time - because you have so little to spare and you need a solution NOW.
  • With little or no cost - (depending on the avenue you choose) because you want to make it - not spend it.

Those 3 questions above kept me paralyzed for quite a while - how was I going to find something that met all that criteria and still solve my financial problems?

While there certainly is truth to the fact that more and more of us are heading into our 50's & 60's without that promised pension...

We're also facing our retirement years with some (or most) of the following;
  • loads of financial stress 🙁
  • a mortgage (wasn't that supposed to be paid off by now?)
  • divorced at a late age (so you own half of what you had!)
  • hours cut back at work (someone in China has them now)
  • being laid off just before you retire (you know they timed that just right)
  • kids are gone - but parents are moving in (yikes)
  • health issues (no f*cking wonder) - right?

I could go on, because most of that list above is mine too... 

But you get my drift.

So instead of sticking our heads in the sand...mumbling things like...

"I'm too old for this"

Throwing pity parties... and succumbing to our fears.

Or drinking so much red wine our tongues are permanently purple...

Yes! I've had that too 🙂

How about we shake that off, and instead of wining (I mean whining) 🙂 let's dive in and look at some great new opportunities. Ways to supplement our incomes, that we might actually enjoy!

How are other people our age coping & making a go of it?

That was my burning question!

Well they're making money online...there's no doubt about that.

AND they're doing it from the comfort of their own homes, supporting their families and changing their lives for the better.

Here's one example that I found very inspiring;

As I was researching some of these money making options I came across a young girl (20ish) who is writing a blog about stupid stuff ...

Yup, I said stupid... 

Here's what my "grumpy 50ish self" saw being discussed at great length on her website;

The lipstick color she was wearing that day...hmmmm.

Oh...and her cute new designer shoes (why can't I afford those?)

Why she's mad at her girlfriend (really?)

What she's 'up to' today (who cares!)

And most of the site is covered in her selfies with that pouty lip thing (so weird) staring at her cell phone.

I totally didn't get it...but here's what else I saw;

She's got a huge following and she's making about $40,000 a month!!

Not a year - a month!  

Even though it was a shocker, what I took away from all that is that even though I had my opinion, lots of other people love it....

Because she has 3 million+ followers - what??     

She's got herself a tribe!

I won't mention her name or link her site here because I didn't say anything nice...and frankly... I'm jealous! lol

Anyway, she's not the only one. There are folks making plenty more than that, even more than CEO's of Fortune 500 Companies...

Lots more!

But holy... moly I couldn't believe my eyes!

However, after the shock and awe wore off...

 It inspired the hell out of this 57 year old, because if she can make money doing that - why can't any of us turn our passions into some income?

The internet makes it a lot easier to find 'like people' who are looking for exactly what you have; you just need to tap into it.

Forget about getting another j.o.b making other people's dreams come true.
How about making some of your own dreams a reality?!

So that's why this blog/article came to be; because a conscious decision was made that there must be a tribe out there interested in my journey as well.

I'm not talking about lipstick and new clothes - because that's not my thing, and maybe not yours either.

I'm talking about turning "our own passions" into income!

Maybe it's Woodworking or Crafts.

Maybe it's Cooking, Baking or Yoga, Fitness, Science or Health & Wellness.

Even Home Decor, or maybe you're a History Buff , or you love Music and Guitars.

It doesn't matter what your passion is...it just matters that you have one.

Would you like to have a tribe of your own? 

To Connect with People who love the same things, that find you helpful and maybe even funny? Who get to know, like and trust you?

People you can just be yourself around and make you feel comfortable. Then  they decide to follow you because they like all that stuff too!

Working online amongst billions of people all over the world can make that happen faster than you think...

Much faster than in that JOB where you're stuck with people who also applied for positions with that specific company.

...following me here?

Why should we miss out?

We're way past due opening our minds and shaking off those old mentalities.

We need to adjust to the shifts, and embrace the changes around us instead of just giving up and being depressed about it all...

Because we have a wealth of knowledge to share. What we love & comes naturally to us can be absolutely amazing to others...did you know that?

Our generation was raised with the BELIEF that going to College, getting a degree and settling down into a solid career was the norm and expected of us. 

The end goal being to stay with that same company for 30+ years, because it was the only way to have income security;

To support our families,

Collect a pension.

And to eventually retire at age 65.

That's when (and only when) we're allowed to relax and start enjoying our lives.

Well that's assuming we haven't dropped dead or found ourselves in straight jackets (drooling) because of all the stress and absolute nonsense we've had to endure to get to this point 🙂

I say that's crap.

It's time we face the fact that (although it worked for our parents) that old system is completely BROKEN!

And yes, it's left a lot of us hanging in the wind wondering what the hell we're going to do next.

BECAUSE...people our age got caught in the middle.

We're living longer.

Pensions are a thing of the past.

We're getting laid off our jobs.

Our kids live at home longer and want us to pay for their cars & cell phones.

We're getting divorced at a mad rate.

And our parents are moving in ...

How are we supposed  to cope financially with all that and still enjoy some life before we kick the proverbial bucket!?

Understanding Passive Income and Setting up Multiple Streams of it... well that can be your Practical Solution.

?"If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you'll work until you die." ~Warren Buffet~

Yikes...until we die? Isn't that how this whole blog got started?

But the other part of the quote sounds pretty good eh!?

"Make money while you sleep."

That's the ultimate definition of passive income. Income resulting from cash flow received on a regular basis, requiring minimal to no effort by the recipient to maintain it.

There are lots of traditional ways to create passive income. The best example most people are aware of is owning rental properties.

But I'm focusing on;

Ways to do it from home - quickly - and with little to No investment

Thanks to the Internet and all those Social Media Platforms there are many more ways. Well more like - actual fantastic (legitimate) opportunities to make money from home these days. 

Depending on what kind of effort you're willing to put into it you can get some cash coming in to supplement what you already have.

Or even replace the income from your J.O.B. - it's totally up to you.

For the purpose of this blog I'm just going to focus on  5 valid (doable) ways that I've researched and/or had personal experience in.

1. Affiliate Marketing:

Essentially Affiliate Marketing involves a business paying a commission (usually a percentage) to others, known as affiliates, for referring new business to the merchant's website. 

It's also performance-based, which means affiliates only get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a transaction.

This form of marketing has been gaining ground and has become more and more popular.

If you already have a website it's pretty simple to set up some referral links.

If you don

Liz Porter

I'm Liz, the self-empowered, red wine & coffee lovin', personal growth fanatic behind this website. I've stopped shrinking into places I've outgrown and launched this site in pursuit of my passions. I'm a fan of straight talk and practical solutions - that's why I'm here to Inspire - Educate and Entertain you on your journey to becoming the best version of YOU!

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